Brookwood Memorial 2015


Anne and Alan Robson invited to unveiling of new War Memorial at Brookwood Military Cemetery

The following is the text of Alan’s description of the ceremony


The story behind the invitation to Brookwood is that Anne has been tracing her family tree for a long time and she suddenly received an email from a team of genealogists working for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who were researching members of the forces who were killed as a result of fighting in WWI but whose names were not inscribed on any memorials. Anne had an uncle that she had found in her searches called Joseph Garside who was her grandfather’s brother. He had joined the navy at 17 and was shot and wounded 18 months later while serving in the Dardanelles. He was repatriated to UK where he died a year later, aged only 20 and was buried near his home in Newcastle. They were trying to contact relatives of people who had died and found Anne, so when the memorial was due to be opened by HRH The Duke Of Kent we received invitations. 

It was a lovely day, there were not a lot of relatives there, plenty of military organisations were represented, but the Duke wanted to talk to relatives.  As you can see on the photo (see separate page) there are 6 columns each with two faces. As you look at the photo, face one is on the left front (covered by  the CWGC sign) and face two on the rear side. Only 7 or 8 faces contained names, the rest are for future names to be appended. The Duke wanted to chat to some of the dependants and as Anne was the only woman in our little group with a relative on Face 2, he spoke to her and me for about five minutes. He was very interested (or appeared to be) and kept asking her questions, much to the consternation of the organiser who was trying to hurry him along. 

Anyway, it was an unforgettable day and I was really pleased for Anne.

Brookwood Memorial

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